Oak Anderson | About Face
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About Face

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About Face:

TOWY Episode #1 (Take One With You)
About Face is a short story of 3,600 words, a parallel companion to the acclaimed crime thriller, “Take One With You,” by Oak Anderson.
Detective Thane Parks is assigned an armed robbery case in which the prime suspect is Hector Sanchez, the son of a man he arrested for murder years before, an OG who hung himself in prison. Across town, Samantha Devlin, the daughter of the woman Hector’s father was convicted of killing, is graduating from high school, an honor student whose father has been hiding his deep depression over the death of her mother. Samantha and Hector, whose lives were forever altered by murder and suicide, are about to meet under difficult circumstances, as Detective Parks tries to keep more people from becoming the next victims of the “TOWY” movement.